Setting yourself up for Success

Posted By on Jul 6, 2015 | 1 comment

After nearly 3 weeks of traveling for work, gallivanting for pleasure, and then a minor three day derailment from illness, I am facing Monday head on with renewed motivation and anticipation.  I have small goals for myself that I hope to achieve in roughly 5 weeks time.  My personal fitness goals include fueling my body with the right foods and getting back into my fitness regimen.  It has been nearly 7 weeks since I last attended a Krav Maga class and my body misses it.  It would be very easy to slip into a bad habit of eating poorly and not getting enough exercise so I have to train myself to get into the right frame of mind.  In order to do that, I have to surround myself with the things that encourage that frame of mind and set myself up for success rather than failure.

So today, Sunday, after 3 weeks of absence from my home, I have set aside several hours to stock my fridge with the right kind of “fuel” to get me through my work week.  I have sat down with my calendar to allocate time for my workouts.  I have the Krav Maga Raleigh schedule in front of me and I am determining which classes I can attend.  Of course I still have to make sure that I have time to take my daughter to her tennis lesson and golf tournament.  And give myself the opportunity to play golf a couple times this week especially if the weather’s nice.  I am sure I can fit in the laundry, making dinners and lunches, and various other housekeeping items. Oh, and I also have to dog sit for my mom for the next couple weeks.  When I lay it out like that it starts to be overwhelming.  I start to question whether I even have the time to take on what I am setting out to accomplish.

One of our biggest allies in eating right and exercising is time management.  I’m sure we have all heard the adage “A 30 minute workout is only 4% of your day”.  It may be a little cliche but it’s true.  I run into so many people that claim that they don’t have any time to exercise.  The truth is that you have the make the time.  And even more often, you have to sacrifice something else to make that time.  I haven’t watched much tv in the last year but I have cut it out even more since the weather is nicer and I want to be outside doing something active.  Even now as I sit and type this, and as I toil over my schedule for the next 5 weeks, I am limiting my distractions so my time is more efficient.  I have already made my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and I am about to prepare my fit camp and yoga strength fusion class for tomorrow morning.  This is all to ensure that my day tomorrow is productive and smooth flowing.looking at my phone

It’s not easy to start a new workout plan.  It’s not easy to follow it and make it part of your routine.  Finding ways to manage your time more efficiently and preparing yourself in advance will make all the difference.