Week 1 of the Urbanathlon

Posted By on Nov 17, 2015 |

Week 1 of 8 and I was already starting out on the wrong foot.  I mentally prepared myself for what I would expect over the next couple months and the one thing I really want to focus on is getting enough sleep.  So Sunday night I finished all my activities and got myself in gear to turn in early (or at least earlier than I’m used to) and WHAM!  A sick kid throws me for a loop.  A late start to Monday completely rearranged my plans and I already knew I was going to miss my first workout.  However, I got in a great yoga strength fusion class and a spin class to set me up for the week.  So even though I didn’t get my TRX workout in, I was able to get in something.  Tuesday started off much better.  I mentally prepared myself to catch up and get both Monday and Tuesdays workouts in around noon.  I unexpectedly had to sub a spin class so I did my Monday TRX workout which consisted of atomic pushups, hip press, low row, lunges, burpees, and deltoid flies (I will call this my Alpha workout).  My alpha workout took me 27 minutes and it felt HARD to say the least!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done my own TRX workout and I could feel it.  I suppose next week will be easier.  In the evening I had my usual Krav Maga classes: Level II taught by Scott and Ground fighting with Chip.  Wednesday I got my first Urbanathlon run in following a 30 minute spin class.  That was fun and not too difficult.  I kept it easy and light since I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me with the running. Thursday I had to teach my 5th spin class in a row so I took it light on the bike.  I followed up with my next Urbanathlon TRX which consisted of the same workout just in reverse.  That was even harder especially with my shoulders being as sore as they were from Tuesday.  But I completed it only 1 minute longer than the first time.  Friday’s run was much harder than the first and it was outside so that added additional challenges.  I made it through, however, and felt good about it.

Saturday was a travel day but I was able to hit the gym early to do my TRX workout prior to teaching my spin, trekking, and Pilates class.  On Sunday, my plan was to workout either in the morning or the afternoon at the hotel gym.  It was tough as I started the day in one hotel and ended the day in another.  We headed into New Jersey and got to the hotel 2 hours prior to check.  The hotel was kind enough to let me use the gym facilities even though we couldn’t check in yet and I got my run in (while the other started tailgating early).  That was probably the hardest challenge of all, holding off on tailgating to make sure I got my run in.

Monday should have been a 45-60 minute easy run but 9.5 hours in the car did not allow me any freedom to workout.  So unfortunately I didn’t have a chance.  But I start the second week off fresh tomorrow and I’m looking forward to stronger, faster, and better performance.downtown clayton run

  • Monday:
    Weight: 137 lbs.
    Workouts: 60 minutes Yoga Strength Fusion, 60 minutes cycle
  • Tuesday:
    Workouts:  60 minutes corebarre, 60 minutes cycle, 27 minutes ALPHA TRX (HARD), KM level II class, KM groundfighting class
  • Wednesday:
    Workouts: 30 minutes spin, 45 minutes teaching H20 fitness, 60 minute corebarre class, Urbanathlon run consisted of 2 miles at an easy pace and 2 all out sprints (Stats:  25 min 44 sec, 5.1 avg speed, 8.0 max speed, 11:51 avg pace, 2.14 miles, 274 calories)
  • Thursday:
    Workouts: 60 minute spin class, 28 minutes ALPHA TRX in reverse (very hard), KM level I class
  • Friday:
    Workouts: Urbanathlon run (Stats: 44 min 37 sec, 10:57 avg pace, 4.07 miles, 368 calories)
  • Saturday:
    Workouts: 26 minute ALPHA TRX workout, 60 minute spin class, 30 minute on treadmill
  • Sunday:
    Workout: 23 minutes on the treadmill Urbanathlon run (forgot to record my stats)
  • Monday:
    A busy travel day inhibited me from doing anything related to my training 🙁