Week 2 Urbanathlon

Posted By on Nov 23, 2015 |

Tuesday morning started out a little discouraging when I woke up to gaining 2 lbs since last week.  I was frustrated, disappointed, and unmotivated.  However, when I talk to clients about fluctuations in weight, I always emphasize how much is going on in your body that can cause these ups and downs.  So I had a conversation with myself reflecting on the past week.  A weekend traveling and going to a football game can certainly derail any progress.  I should be, and was, proud of myself for carving out 30 minutes to run.  I also made a promise to myself that I would try to do better next week.  I already knew that I couldn’t possibly work out any more.  I was tapped out.  In fact, I was probably working out too much.  This week my attention would be given to diet, sleep and water intake.  But I would continue to teach my classes, go to Krav, and do my Urbanathlon workouts.  Tuesday morning started a new TRX BRAVO workout.  This consisted of spiderman pushups, hamstring curl to hip press, single leg squat, single arm row, atomic pikes, and side plank with knee pull.  My first workout was TOUGH!  I did a total of 108 pushups which just about killed my shoulders.  But I finished in 29 minutes.GGB TRX

The rest of the week I was able to get in all my workouts without a problem and I overcame some challenges.  Without someone to watch my daughter, I was able to complete my TRX workout at home.  She even helped motivate me and decided to try a couple exercises on her own.  On Sunday it was rainy and dreary but I needed to get my run done so I decided to take my daughter to the trail on her bike.  I figured that even if she had trouble keeping up and I didn’t get my entire 3 miles, at least I was doing something.  Tables turned and she wanted to do more than 3 miles, she wanted to go 6.  And I ran faster than usual because I was constantly trying to keep up with her.  It was amazing and I felt excellent afterward.  What a great way to end the week.IMG_2657And as I spend a few moments writing this, Christmas music playing in the background, and my beautiful angel napping on the couch behind me, I am heading into Thanksgiving week motivated, inspired, and grateful.  May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!



  • Tuesday – TRX BRAVO workout in 29 minutes, 60 minute corebarre class, level II Krav, groundfighting
  • Wednesday – Urbanathlon run (3.5 miles, 40 minutes, 450 calories), 60 minute corebarre class
  • Thursday – TRX Bravo in reverse took 29 minutes
  • Friday – Urbananthlon run (3.65 miles, 4 – 20 second sprints, 37 minutes, 433 calories)
  • Saturday – TRX Bravo workout took me a little longer doing it at home.  34 minutes
  • Sunday – 6 mile run that was supposed to have been 3 with four 20 second sprints (6.02 miles, 1 hour 2 minutes, 714 calories)