2014-12-16 20.19.24Begin with small, realistic goals.

  • Whether your goal is to rehabilitate an injury, run a marathon, or lose weight, have an achievable, measurable goal in mind.

Don’t settle for what hasn’t worked in the past.

  • If you’ve tried to accomplish your goals in the past and it didn’t work, don’t settle for the same mediocre plan.  Demand better than what you’ve done before.  If you tried yoga and were bored, if you tried cross fit and got hurt, don’t settle.  There’s something out there that’s just right for you.

Treat your health as an asset and your wellness as a habit.

  • Our health is our most important asset.  Without our health we can’t work, play, or take care of our families.  Make your health a priority.

Forgive yourself for the setbacks and continue moving forward.

  • We all make mistakes.  Forgive yourself for the mistake you will inevitably make.  Don’t let the setbacks define you.